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Apple ID's are very confusing

Hey Scotty its CC. I disconnected from Time Warner today and now my email
Is not coming in at all. I tried to set my Apple ID using my email and it will not accept it. Now do I have to use an ATT account! Help!  My Apple ID had my CC  account

Let’s review: When a person cancels their ISP like ATT or time warner, it’s best if they’ve first made the move to an independent email like or This way they can keep their email address for the rest of their lives in dependent of what ISP they choose to use. As we discussed, canceling Time Warner service would most likely end that address. However, if you used that email address as an Apple ID in the past, like many many of use have, then you’ll still carry that email address for the rest of your life as an Apple ID. It’s confusing I know. But Apple doesn’t consider it an email address. It’s a set of letters and characters that means you. You will never rid yourself of that Apple ID as it is embedded into the purchased content like apps, songs, movies etc...

So I suggest continuing to use as your Apple ID for the rest of your life even though you no longer receive email there. The two concepts are unrelated. You may have also used the @carolina as an iCloud account. The same idea applies. Leave it.

You do not and should not use any email given to you by ATT. I can’t stress this enough. Otherwise you’ll just end up in the same situation down the road when you change ISP’s again.
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