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Scotty, hey.  You have done some troubleshooting for me in the past and wanted to run this by you.  I have changed and upgraded my home listening system to a Sonos-internet system.  Are you familiar with this product?  I use my lap top to store, access, select my music to play in different zones in the house.  Anyhow, I currently have my music stored on my laptop which I believe I am now out of room cause I got this error message stating that "...the disk you are attempting to use is full...."  My intent is to offload all music off my laptop and store it on an external-wireless drive to free up my laptop space.  Does this make sense to you?  I would appreciate any advice from you.  The Sonos system is still new to me and we, the company that installed it, have finally worked out the kinks.  This there an external device that would be better than another for these needs?  I welcome a call or perhaps we can set up something to go over what I currently have on my laptop and see what else can be done.
Thanks Scotty.

It is possible to point iTunes to an external drive wired or wireless. I prefer wired. Things tend to go wrong down the road if your iTunes library is connected to a drive on the network but it IS possible. If you are getting the error that your drive is full, this needs to be dealt with immediately. Another option is to just upgrade the drive inside your mac. 500 gigs on a laptop or 1 TB for a desktop is a good start.

Wireless you could use a Network attached storage or simply plug a drive into your airport extreme or time capsule if you have one, dump the music to that then point iTunes to the external wireless drive. Easier said than done but it can work. You just have to be ready to troubleshoot things from time to time. I’d be happy to assist.
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