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Duplicates on iPad after sync

When downloading photos on computer it duplicated many of the pictures. Is there an easy way to delete duplicates?

Sometimes, we can confuse our photos as duplicates and in actuality they are. However, often they are in albums we’ve synced using iTunes but also still residing in iCloud. We know that these photos will expire out of iCloud eventually. (usually within a month or so with the max being around 1000 of the most recent pictures taken.)If you’d like to verify if iCloud is causing the duplicates, you can go into your iCloud settings on the iOS device, turn off “photos” then recheck the photos app. If the duplicates are gone, problem identified. If the duplicates are still there, then it may be time to resync rom within iTunes. More often than not, it’s a matter of a human not understand what the computer is doing rather than the computer making a mistake on its own. We just have to work out what is causing the duplicates.
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