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I've run out of space on my hard drive.

The computer i'm using is a fairly old imac and it is nearly out of memory.  I need a way to clean it up.  Much of the space on this mac is photographs.  SUPRISE>>>>>  With this in mind you might think of a way to store the photos elsewhere without our having to give up the ability to manipulate the image before printing

When faced with the issue of running out of space where pictures are the guilty party for taking up the majority of the hard drive, sometimes the best option is to move the iphoto library over to an external drive.  This means you’d be tethered to the external drive and could only open iPhoto when that external drive is connected.  But this allows you to avoid buying a larger internal drive for an aging computer.  This also means that you can take the external media drive with you to your next computer.  
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