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iPhoto email settings are wrong

Hey Scotty,

Wife has had problems with her email going "over quota".    She has 20 gigs storage in iCloud.   And I noticed that her iphone backup was taking up 19 gigs.   I turned off the iphone backup to cloud feature, deleted that backup, and instead backed it up via iTunes to her computer.   That seemed to solve the problem at least temporarily.     Is this ok?    Also, I noticed on my own account (I also have 20 gigs), I have no iphone back up at all.   Any suggestions?


You are actually now doing exactly what I suggest. Don’t use your limited iCloud storage to backup your iOS device. Instead, turn off iCloud backup and backup directly to iTunes. iCloud storage space is better used for your email with an @me, @mac or email address as well as your temporary photo storage via photo stream. You can also use your free 5 gigs of storage space for Keynote, Numbers, and Pages documents so they will sync between your devices and computers.

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