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Don't use dropbox to sync iphoto or aperture libraries

My Apple router needs to be replaced.  Any recommendations?  I think I need a stronger router than the Apple one...before it stopped working the signal was not strong enough to reach all the Mac's in our house.

I'm sorry to hear your router is failing.  I've dealt with them all and I still can really honestly only recommend the Apple router as the top of the mountain.  It's rare to see them fail but routers do fail.  I'm wondering if there is actually a different problem.  My general rule is one router per 1200-1300 square feet of living space.  Of course the construction of a home can effect this rule.  Old homes built in the 20's and 30's often have plaster laid over wire mesh.  This can be a big problem for wireless routers.  I digress.

The thing I really like about the Apple routers are their ability to extend one another.  The Airport express compliments the Airport extreme so that your network can be stretched to cover a wider area.  

Another general rule is that if you are going to look into extending your network wireless, then you need to realize that most router manufacturers will only build extenders that support their brand of router.  In other words, a DLink router will not extend a Linksys router.  (not without some altering of code which we don't need to get into)

If you are leaving the Apple router family then you could look at the Netgears.  They're less expensive, descent routers.  I can't recommend Linksys (Cisco) routers.  Among the geek community, asking your favorite router is a very touchy subject so don't be surprised if you ask 3 geeky friends and get 3 completely different answers filled with ridicule other's choices.  
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