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iCloud stopped syncing calendars

Do you have any advice on an app I can get for the Iphone 4 that will send
me copies of texts and a call log?  I am reading about different software
that I can buy but they all say I have to Jailbreak the phone- what is that-
doesn't sound good???

Also, I know Mac give the ability to put parental controls on the kids
laptops but wasn't sure how that worked- I need time limits and web access

PhoneView is the program you’re looking for.
PhoneView for iPhone and iPad - Save SMS, iMessages, Voicemail, Call History, Music, Photos, Notes - Ecamm Network

It will allow you to save the items on your phone you want. You will not have to jailbreak your phone to use this. But to answer your question…jail breaking is the term used when people add additional software to their iPhones that Apple didn’t allow within the app store. It’s sort of the “black-market” of iPhone.

As for parental controls, depending on the level of control you need, the built in parental controls are fine for time limits but as for web access you’ll want to look at
opendns. It’s my recommended method of keeping your kids from the bad areas of the internet. It is however, a bit involved in how to set up. Most kids are not savvy enough to find the work around but it IS possible. Nothing is perfect.
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