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you had showed me how to get and original picture back from iPhoto, even after it had been altered.  You did this w/one I had turned black and white and you were able to get the original colored version back into my collection.  I've tried and tried, w/no success, as I want to alter some pixs, but don't want to lose the original version.   Is it simple to explain?   Or do I need to wait until you're here.

Not too hard to do. In iPhoto, select the picture you may have accidentally changed and would like to get back to the original copy. Now go to the menu bar and select “Photos”. At the very bottom of that list you’ll see “revert to original”. Even if you changed the picture a year ago, you’ll still be able to get back to the original copy and all changes will be gone.

In the future you may want to duplicate the photo before altering it. That way you have the original and a copy you can play around with.
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