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Firmware update available on Airport is causing blinking light

Need some advise on an FTP site.  We're getting big enough and are handling CAD drawings to the extent that it makes sense to have an FTP site.  Looking for your insight as to whether or not to house the FTP site ourselves or look to an outside vendor and, if yes, who?  Please advise.

If you had your own web site and space then it would be possible to just use the space you already rent on the internet for your web hosting, to also use for ftp file transfers.  However, if you don't have access to that or don't have your own site then you really then have two choices; paid ftp or free ftp.  

Free ftp sites are fine but usually have ads and don't really look all that professional when trying to push large files to a potential client.  

Conversely most ftp sites are more expensive than my tastes allow.  I pay approximately $50 per year with godaddy and have about 20 gigs of web space that I can ftp with if I want.  Paid ftp services will be between $10 to $30 per month.  A couple plans to check out...
Services and Pricing | Hosted~FTP~ FTP in the Cloud™
ShareFile - Pricing

and probably the most popular one:  
Online File Sharing, Send large files, Managed File Transfer, FTP Replacement, with No Email Attachments | YouSendIt

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