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How to scan multiple pages into one pdf file

I’ve been practicing the scan routine and just realized that I didn’t ask you about emailing a document that is longer than just a single page. Not sure how to do this. Thanks.

You'll want to combine multiple documents into 1 pdf file. There are ways to do this after they've been scanned but luckily image provides a way to allow you to scan several docs then combines them into one pdf file before saving it or emailing.

Use the checkbox seen in the example below to combine all the docs into one pdf file.

Once the document is saved, a good way to tell the difference between a single pdf file versus a pdf with multiple pages is to look for the black rib on the left side of the pdf icon itself. Example below.

If you've already scanned multiple pdfs and need to combine them, there's a way to do that as well but image capture would not play a role in that task.
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