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Running low on Application Memory.

new iMac computer been slow pulling up stuff. Then get this?  What do I do?


Several things to try.

1. Quit or Force Quit all applications.
2. Restart.
3. Restart holding down command+option+p+r and listen for 3 chimes then release.

If neither of these resolve the issues, next step would be to go into the Activity monitor and try to discover the issue. Another consideration is how much free hard drive space you have. Application ram should be using the actual ram of the computer but can borrow from the hard drive temporarily. This could cause the issue as well.

While there can be many reasons one sees this message, in my experience, it's most commonly due to a "memory leak" caused by one program. When a program opens, it asks for ram. When the program is quit, it is SUPPOSED to release that ram back to the computer for some other program to use it later. Sometimes however, a program will just keep asking for more ram (forgetting that it already has enough.). By the looks, the largest amount of ram has been given to Outlook. Not uncommon for a piece of MS Office to go rogue. There are other ways to solve this but test the above methods first and if it persists, I'm happy to assist with more geeky solutions.
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