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Printer keeps falling offline


The Audio Line In is not working on the PowerBook G4. We have restarted the computer, unplugged and plugged back in, and it still is not working. Is this something that needs to be repaired? It has worked flawlessly up until this morning.


The fastest way to confirm a hardware failure would be to boot the machine from an external drive. In the powerbook's case, the external OS would have to be a firewire drive that is not an intel machine. You could use your tiger or leopard disk to install the OS on an external drive then hold down option at startup with the new external drive connected. You'll be given the choice of boot systems. Then test the audio port from the other OS. If it fails now, it's hardware related.

If it works then there are software issues on the interal drive. Sometimes files become corrupt and need attention. There are many files associated with audio so it's a more logical step to boot from an external initially rather than looking for the needle in the hay stack.

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