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soagents and callservicesd running high CPU

Two background processes called:


…where running out of control. This is an uncommon but not unheard of, problem with MacOS syncing with contacts via either Google or iCloud. It could be caused by a corrupt contact entry although I didn’t see evidence of that. I was able to calm the processes by clearing out some files that live in the ~/Library/Containers/ files that are relevant to contact syncing. Hopefully by merging all the gmail contacts into your iCloud contacts, then resolving the soagent and callservicesd issues once again we may be in the clear. Several programs need access to contacts in order to function: Word, Messages, FaceTime, etc…All of these programs would be effected by those rogue background services maxing out your CPU.

If you would like to look at what’s going on in the background on either computer, open “Activity Monitor” (you can find it by searching with Spotlight). Once open you can order all the processes by CPU usage. While it’s normal for some processes to run at or close to 100% for a small amount of time, this should not go on for very long and within one minute the computer should drop down to below 20% for most processes. Exceptions would be Photos, viewing Video in Youtube or iTunes, and other intensive programs. But for day to day work, you shouldn’t see 2 or three processes running super high.

I realize some of the technical parts of this email won't mean much to you but I just wanted to give you those notes in case we run into this in the future. It could save time troubleshooting.
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