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I just spilled water on my laptop, now what?

I just spilled a glass of water on my computer at approx 11 am. In a flash I turned it upside down and powered it down. It has been standing upside down since then in a warm place in the kitchen. How long should I wait before turning it back on?

Oh no! Sounds like you did the exact right thing. Turned it upside down, open, with the display hanging off the edge of the table. I like to prop the computer off the table with some small blocks so that air can circulate under the keyboard. The most important step is to place a fan pointing under the keyboard so that air continues to move. Nothing dries water faster than moving air. (years of working on damp mildewed sailboats has taught me that)

I would then wait at least 48 hours. Then cross your fingers and hope for the best. Liquid damage is a killer but water is not as bad as coke/coffee. If you had said anything other than water I would have said forget it. Let me know how it goes.

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