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How to remove data from your device and other questions

i have a several year old iPad with 16GB however I have about 1/2 GB of space available.  In trying to free up space I have a few questions:
Photos & Data
  • i have photos of xxx GB but I am concerned about deleting them on my iPad since I am not sure if they will be deleted from my iPhone as well.  
  • I'm not sure if these photos are in iCloud so it won't matter if I delete them from the device,  I'm not sure how to check or how to move to iCloud
  • i have 300MB of documents and data in Chrome.  I'm not sure what that is, how to find out, and then how to delete uneeded D&D
Credit for trade in
  • I have seen something recently about a credit for trading in an existing iPad for a new one.  I feel like I could benefit from an upgrade and curious if you are familiar with this program

1. You are right. Your photos on each device are VERY likely synced so only delete pictures from a device that you are prepared to lose on all devices.
2. To check your photo library in the cloud, go to and log in using your appleID. You'll most likely be asked to authenticate with a 6 digit two factor code that will be sent to one of your other devices. You should see all the same pictures using that website that are on your other devices. If you don't, you may not have iCloud photos turned on in your iCloud settings on all devices.
3. Easiest way to remove associated data on your phone is to delete the app. In this case chrome. It will then remove the app and the cached data. You can then re-add the app if you'd like and it will have a smaller footprint.
4. Yes, trade in is available with Apple. They'll ask a couple questions about your previous device and determine how much credit to apply. More info available at
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