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Google replaces GoogleDrive with Backup and Sync

Scotty, I have a question. Great session today, thanks! “Exploring” sent me to and then directions to download GoogleDrive App - but which one of three choices - all free:
#1 - 4.6 with 4 and a half stars
#2 - 3.7 with 3 and a half stars
#3 - 4.6 with 4 and a half stars - but also mentions videos, photos along with files. Aren’t my photos already/also in iCloud?
Again thank you!

Google has been going through some changes with Google Drive. They are basically changing the way the app works and changing the name of it as well. It is now known as "backup and sync". You will now select a specific folder to hold your google documents locally. You could choose the entire documents folder. In your case, this would be a good choice. The new app also allows you to sync your pictures. You don't actually need to do this. It is in Google's interest for users to sync their pictures however, because this will eat up your google storage space in the cloud more quickly, therefore giving them the opportunity to ask you to pay for additional storage. You already pay for storage with iCloud drive. That is where your pictures sync in terms of a cloud storage area. You can read more about Google's new method here. You can download the new software here. They give you 15 gigs free. But most photo libraries outgrow that quickly. So proceed conservatively. Only use the software for either the documents folder or a folder inside the documents folder specifically for word documents.

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