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What is the googlesoftwareupdatebundle?

Scotty, I had a webinar that used GoMeet and when I tried to open it, the site said that I needed Chrome (which I had sent to trash) as the browser. I downloaded Chrome, at least thought I had and think that I now have deleted it. Tried various fixes to get rid of the little bugger on the screen but have failed. I haven’t tried to open it however. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


What you are looking at is Google's software asking to install. This particular software is "supposed" to keep Chrome up to date however it's not personally something I want running on my system. You don't have to install it. You'd just have to update Chrome manually whenever you felt the need to. Keep in mind that Chrome is 100% an advertising agency. All their products are designed to sell ads as effectively as possible. So I don't particularly want another piece of their software running on my system than necessary.

Among other places, Google places one or more of these files in your user's library. It's probably more than I need to get into in a post as it can be a little dangerous going into any of the hidden folders on a Mac as they are hidden for a reason. But to best solve your issue, I suggest just emptying the trash then going back to and redownloading a new copy. You can alway run the bundle when you see the prompt then delete the intrusive files at a later date.
This image is a theme.plist hack