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Do you do remote sessions?


I am seriously considering the purchase of 2 iPhones for the wife and I.  The Verizon share plan seems to be a pretty good deal on a reliable network.  I had Sprint in the past and the coverage was spotty.  If I buy the phones online from Apple and then have you come over, can you set up the phone with phone number and get me on Verizon service?  Or do I have to go to Verizon to buy the phone and then have you come over.

Either way, I am eventually going to need some help since I bought an iPad and need some help on a list of things that are bothering me.  Umm maybe I could sneak in one question.  After doing the upgrade to iOS 6, I opened Photostream and found all of the pictures in one stack, and I can not get them to go back to a seies of individual pictures.  

I would recommend you do the phone number change over at the Verizon store. In case there are any issues, they will be better able to handle them.

iOS 6 does revamp how photos are displayed. You should now be able to view by camera roll or photo stream, then within photo stream, by album or shared stream. Keep in mind, pictures residing in photo stream should only be considered to have a shelf life of around 30 days at which time they are removed from Apple’s cloud server. However, in that time, they will have landed in iPhoto’s permanent storage where you can organize them as you wish. Join us on Mondays at 7pm at if you want clarification.
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