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Buying an external Enclosure

Not sure why but my computer cannot find my printer.  Could we have done something to cause that the other day?

If you had a wireless printer that was wirelessly connected to your network and we made changes to your network as part of our troubleshooting steps to get the xBox online, then the printer would still be looking for the old network name. This should be an easy fix. On the printer, select the wifi settings an you’ll see “wireless setup wizard” or something very similar. Select that button and your printer will find the new network. Enter the password of the new network and now your printer is on the network.

If the printer still doesn’t print from the computer, go to system preferences and under “printers” delete the printer in the left column by selecting it and hitting the minus button below then hit the plus button and the printer will show up. Select that printer in the list and choose to add.

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