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HDs not mounting using external enclosure

Have been trying to read several other hard drives in docking station nothing is showing up on desktop. Have even tried connecting dock to another laptop still nothing. Odd that out of 8 hard drives noting is showing. Is there a place to go on laptop to show that the dock in connected to laptop to make sure it is working?

That is a bit curious that none of your spare HDs are being recognized and that's also a very good troubleshooting step to try a different computer to see if they mount that way as well. I think you mentioned you actually had another external drive enclosure as well so try that next to see if any mount.

One possibility is that all of these were Drobo drives and therefore part of a RAID array. If so, it's likely that just one drive pulled from a RAID would not mount. You can use Disk Utility to see if the drive is at least recognized by the computer even if it doesn't mount.

Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 4.37.20 PM

It would show over on the left column at least partially.

So things to try:

try a different docking station
try a different computer
try a known good drive to prove the docking station works
check disk utility to see if there is evidence of the drive communicating with the computer.
try restarting the computer with a drive mounted to see if it mounts after restart.
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