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Which domain registar should I use?

Which domain register should I transfer to?
WordPress will let me set up a website and they will transfer my existing domain (cost is $300 per year.) But I thought you said to transfer the domain to GoDaddy -
Am I doing the wrong thing?


I suggest transferring your domain to Godaddy. There you will have the future flexibility of also using their email hosting as well. Their customer support is very good and uptime is extremely reliable. Obviously different companies provide different services. Here's a brief overview as we have discussed:

Godaddy: Known as a domain registry, email hosting, and web page hosting service. If one uses godaddy to host their site, they would use a separate web design tool to create their page first then upload it via an ftp tool to Godaddy's servers where they would be renting godaddy server space. (this is what I do for the site you are reading this on currently.)

Wordpress: Known as an easy to use website creation tool that has both free and paid services. Popular among bloggers for its many templates. You use wordpress's design tool to create your site but your web address would end up being something like So you usually register you own domain name with a different company (like godaddy) then point that domain name to the wordpress site and choose to "mask" the address. This allows visitors to go to which redirects to the wordpress site url but the wordpress url is hidden in the bar and replaced with your desired site name. Ta Da!

Squarespace: A more customizable version of wordpress basically. More detailed templates. A little expensive. They will also register your domain as well.

Wix: new to the scene making a big splash. Same functionality as Squarespace.

It comes down to how much you'll be working with your site. If you are just looking for a static presence on the web that you won't be creating much content for, then wordpress would be fine but again, I suggest still registering your domain with Godaddy. If you are taking on the design roll as your own web designer then you'd invest the time in a separate web design tool like Indesign, Rapidweaver, etc… then upload to a hosting service like Godaddy using a ftp uploader. This is probably not for you.

Most likely, you have already been using a page specific to your business that already has many of the products you sell. But the problem is the url is too complicated to pass out to people. So you transfer your existing domain to Godaddy, then redirect that domain name to the site you already have up and mask it.

Godaddy is not the only domain registrar. I prefer it but there are others FYI.,,, and many more. The only negative thing about Godaddy is their strong upsell effort at checkout for additional products you most likely don't need. Although to be fair, most of them do this.
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