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Fan running loud after HD replacement

Hi Scotty,
The fan on our Apple desktop has been running loudly and non-stop when I am using the computer. It stops when the computer is not in use and is “asleep”. This began after you installed the new hard drive. I did not associate the problem with that until I took the computer into the Apple store to have it checked out. They took apart the computer and discovered that the temperature sensor cable is not compatible with the new hard drive. They do not sell one that will wok with the hard drive you installed. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix the problem please?

The temp sensor cable is unnecessary and only works with apple branded drives.  So any third party drive will not have that connector.  Therefore there is a piece of software that I would have installed on your computer call HD fan control.  It should be in your control panel area of system preferences.  It’s possible that a recent update wiped out the serial number.  If that is the case I would be happy to provide the serial number again for you.  Go to system preferences and see if you can find a preference control panel called HD fan control.  Its icon will be a picture of a small fan.  Click on that and find “register”.  That information may be blank.  Then let me know.  Otherwise, I would also be happy to come by to re-register it in person.
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