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Bookmark syncing on iBooks

Ok I can’t take it any longer. I just can’t hold this in another minute. Apple has taken a step backward. I’m talking about 10.7’s Address Book. Why destroy a perfectly good address book with this Lion debacle. I now have to go back and forth between single lists and groups. There was nothing wrong with the design of the old address book. This is borderline unusable. The one place they could have left greyscale in and they decide to go with the Red Pages book out of Myst. Why do I need a red bookmark for a book that only has 2 pages? The iPad’s address book was not that hot to begin with and you’ve forsaken functionality for design. I’ll be checking the App Store daily to see what programer makes a fortune off selling an actual usable address book for 10.7 Lion.

Screen Shot 2011-07-27 at 3.33.55 PM

p.s. I’m not too crazy about the calendar either.
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