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I'm getting this "your icloud account could not be removed at this time"

Why can't I log out of my iCloud account on my mac?

This can be a problem for some accounts. Here are a few ideas to try.

1. Be sure that the user you're logged into doesn't have parental controls turned on. To check this, go to system preferences, Users and Groups:

Screen Shot 2019-06-22 at 8.12.04 AM

If your user is a standard or parental controlled user, you'll want to log into the Admin user on the machine first, go back to system preferences, give the other user Admin rights using the check boxes in that same window. You may need to click the lock to make changes first. Then return to the other user and try logging out of iCloud again.

2. Second thing to try is to turn off all iCloud services. Uncheck all the boxes then try again.

3. Be sure you are on a healthy wifi network. iCloud services have to talk to the internet in order to log out.

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