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Using words to scare you into subscribing to useless services

Thoughts? I’ll plan on starting on this sometime this week unless I hear otherwise from you.


I do not like associating to these types of services. So many companies have discovered that they can offer seemingly helpful services to its customers via SUBSCRIPTION and they make so much more money. They're stockholders (Allstate) are happy and customers are basically paying for a meaningless service that only makes them feel better.

Here's a better way to keep yourself safe:

1. Monitor your bank/credit card statements every month and account for every small charge ($5, $3, $2 etc…) Dumb bad guys steal a lot from you one time. Smart bad guys steal a little from you every month.

2. Do not join open wifi networks. Example: Airports, Restaurants, Coffee shops, Hospitals. If the network does not require a password, don't join it.

3. Make your passwords something other than a word that could be found in the dictionary followed by up to 4 numbers. Ex: "monkey1968" is not a good password.

These companies use words that normal consumers can't define as a scare tactic to get you to subscribe to their service. I hate seeing this very much as I feel that people are being taken advantage of. In the example above they are saying "dark web". Yes there is an area of the internet called dark web and yes there is tons of information out there. But here's the truth. Your information along with just about every other person's on the planet is already there and bad guys got it a long time ago. In this case they are saying that your gmail account is compromised. Google protects its accounts against brute force attacks so its security is pretty strong. The issue is always the human. In other words, you could put all the locks on your door you want to, but if I convince you to unlock them to let me in, then the locks mean nothing. This is to say you could buy all the "protection" services you want but if you join an open network or install something on your computer yourself, then that service means nothing.
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