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Restoring iPhone from previous backup

Hi Scotty,
I have had trouble syncing contacts for a while now.  I'm not sure exactly when the problem started happening.  I have an iMac purchased in 7/2008 that is running 10.5.8.  I have an IPad running iOS 5.1.1 and an IPhone 4 running IOS 6.  I do not mind having to physically connect my devices to my computer to sync but it's not working.  When I add a contact currently I have to add it to all of my devices.  I have Sync Contacts selected under info on both my Ipad and my Iphone.  Do you know what is happening and how to fix it?

I strongly encourage you to move to a later version of the computer’s operating system. 10.5.8 has no idea what iCloud is and I understand that you are not using it. But as the platform on iOS matures, it distances itself from 10.5 more and more with each update. Unless your computer is unable to move to the latest version of Mac OS X, I suggest updating the computer. By the way, moving from 10.5 requires a physical copy of 10.6 on disc in order to get the App Store so that you may download all upgrades from that point on. Just be sure that after you install 10.6 from the disc that you run updates to get to 10.6.8 as the last discs Apple produced with 10.6 were 10.6.3 and did not yet contain the app store.
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