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Scotty, I thought you didn't like Lion? Now you are recommending it?

Hey Scotty, with iCloud just released and all, I was wondering if I created a new AppleID for myself, would my purchases and downloads from my old account transfer over? Also, I have the iPhone 3GS, should I upgrade to the 4S or wait a year a get the next new version?

No. Your old purchases would stay associated with your old email address. Many people end up with multiple AppleIDs as they change things throughout their lives. But there is not way currently to change the digital rights from one ID to another. Maybe in the future. You would join everyone else who has some songs from one ID and buys songs from a new ID.

I would project the next model iPhone being released sometime after June of next year. If you are using the 3GS, it’s a good time to upgrade but if you feel you can hold out until the middle of next year then you’d be even better off. If all us Americans like getting new cell phones every 2 years, then it’s better to be on the next cycle rather than the middle “s” model cycle. Apple has developed a pattern of major update, minor update, major update, minor update. I would rather be chaining iPhones on the major update personally.
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