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Should it take this long to migrate my email after upgrade?

Hi Scotty,
Well, you were right. My computer have that warning not 30 minutes after you left so it's obvious the ribbon needs to be replaced. Part is ordered so it looks like I'll have to wait a few more days to be up and running. 

I did have a quick question if that's ok. I clicked on "Mail" to start getting it up and running and I have a few questions:
1. It seems to be stuck on "migrating data" - does it normally take that long? 
2. Should my mail sync up to what it was before- with the different account info and all old messages or do I have to enter in account info again? 

Yes, it is normal for Mail to take quite a long time transition to a new operating system's mail program when changing the hard drive or updating the OS. You went from 10.6 to 10.11. That's 5 operating systems worth of changes the mail program has gone through. Patience and it will finish within a couple hours usually.

2. It depends on the type of mail account you'r using. Gmail, iCloud, AOL, yes. These are all IMAP based email services that hold your mail in the cloud so they are the same on every device. However, POP email services like some older Bellsouth, Road Runner, Mindspring, Earthlink, forget about it. Those POP email services are terrible and never synced between devices. POP was created in the 1990's with one computer per user in mind. Now days we have several computers in our lives at one time: iPhone, iPad, laptop, desktop, etc… These require IMAP to sync email accounts. POP won't do it. Most likely you are just fine.

You may have to enter your pw once the migration is complete for each email account once again however. Not the server info. Just the password. Since your data was moved from a time machine backup, time machine only moves passwords if the backup was encrypted and yours was not. Nor does it really need to be.

Should be pretty simple. In regards to that ribbon cable, you should be able to power off the machine and back on again a couple times and be up and running. May fail when moving more likely than just sitting still. Please let me know any way I can help if the new ribbon cable doesn't solve the issue. There's always the very small chance the new drive is bad out of the box and if so I would be happy to swap it out. But most likely it's the ribbon cable.
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