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Malware comes to the Mac

Hi there!  You helped clean up my mac a few months ago because it was very slow and giving me the rainbow spinning all the time.  It is not happening again.  I was considering upgrading to a new desk top with more space and possibly faster, but didn’t want to do so if I was going to get these same problems.  I think you said some of the problem was things I picked up online?  I guess that would be the case again in a new Mac?  Just don’t want to waste money if the issues will b the same….Otherwise, I might want your advice and set up for a new mac.

Yes. It's become a very common occurrence that people are accidentally installing malware on to their macs. This new malware comes in many forms. IntallMac, TuneMyMac, MacKeeper, MacReviever are all bad pieces of software in my opinion and should be avoided. The good news is that they don't install themselves. I human being that lives in the house has to fall for the marketing trick of "your mac is running here and your prayers will be answered." Most of these terrible scams advertise on less than moral websites often and that's usually where we pick them up.

With all that being said, a new mac doesn't solve that issue. We have to be conservative when surfing the web, don't fall for advertising scams, and try to avoid the darker seedy parts of the internet.

There are many reasons a mac can start performing slowly. Age is one of them if the user continues to update their computer. Each update asks the hardware to perform tasks it was not originally designed to perform. That's why no one you know is using the original iPhone anymore. Each operating system update slows the phone's performance just a little more than the last one. Computers are the same way. So if your computer is several years old and you're running the latest version of the Operating System, then yes. It may be time to upgrade.
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