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Why don't I see a payment each month for my Microsoft subscription?

Many thanks for your kind reassurance about my forwarded email.  I understand I “agree” to the lengthy terms of use simply by continuing to use whatever I’m using under Microsoft’s purview after the end of August 2019.  I don’t quite understand how I could be “paying for a Microsoft subscription”  - and not be aware of it - without seeing a charge show up on a Visa bill - like my Pandora  or Google storage charges do.  Thanks to your transferring all my important Word docs to Apples Leaves, at an earlier session,  I don’t have Word on my iPad, but am glad to know that though Leaves and Google’s word processors are free they still require a Microsoft subscription.  

Forgive me for seeming to re-state sentences from your reply, I do so to clarify things in my mind and be sure that I understand what it was you were telling me ———a sort of belt and suspenders approach I admit!

It’s possible you paid for a year subscription in advance and are only billed once a year instead of monthly like Spotify, iCloud, Netflix, etc….

You do not need any microsoft subscription to use Apple’s or Google’s word processors.
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