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Missing voice memos

Finally got all downloads and updates run. Most seems OK except my calendars are crazy - gobs of duplicates and triplicates of events. Any quick way of cleaning this up or do I just have to wade through them all and delete? (any hidden "duplicate event" option that I haven't found?) 
There are many reasons that could be causing calendar duplicates.  The most likely candidate is that there are multiple accounts containing the same events.  With calendar open, go to preferences and check to see that only one iCloud account is added.  We often set up multiple calendars unknowingly.  We allow gmail, yahoo, iCloud to all control calendars.  This can result in duplicates.  

Another possibility is that you are syncing both through iCloud and over a wire within iTunes.  You would want to delete all calendars "on my mac" and only use iCloud.  In the past 2 years since iCloud has been available, I've only seen 2 instances where duplicates were caused by iCloud.  It's usually a multiple account issue.  

I recently have migrated totally over from my old mindspring email to gmail and have been updating every sign in and password where I use my email address including my apple i.d. (it is updated and have logged into mountian lion with it so all appears to be well on computer). Brings me to my phone…it looks like I cannot just update the address there, but  I need to delete that account completely and set up with gmail address. I assume since I have done it on apple site and updated on my computer and set up iCloud with that address with mountain lion that all data is well and secure  BUT before I delete off phone thought it might be prudent to just cover my butt and make sure. Thanks.
You should be fine.  

Daughter’s pictures have been a cluster by the way. Not all came through the last transfer. She has lost many  what appears to be all through the years now. :(
Yes, her pictures are a mess.  I agree.  It all comes back to the fact that the original pictures folder was changed.  This will best be solved when she moves to a new computer.  At that time will will be able to recover the actual "pictures" folder and put the proper contents where they actually go.  I suspect the permissions of the current picture folder have been changed.
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