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Canon printer not printing via wifi

I cannot print again today after we had things working yesterday. This is what was happening before. Suggestions?

Well darn it. A couple of thoughts:

For the short term, you can just use a USB cable. Not a great solution but will do in a pinch. Most likely it will print successfully via USB instead of wirelessly. However, as soon as you connect a printer to a computer via USB, it will add that printer automatically which means you will have two instances of the same printer in your Printer settings over in system preferences. You would need to go over to system preferences and use the “minus” button in the bottom left area in order to remove one of them. Otherwise, you may not know which printer version (wired or wireless) you are printing to.

Another (more complicated) potential solution could possibly be to ask the router to broadcast over a different channel or frequency. There are 11 available choices that every router broadcasts out and it is slightly possible that the printer can’t hear very well on the current channel. This is a long shot but possible. Problem here is that the current router you have may not allow you to change the channel due to your ISP possibly locking it down.

If the other resets via the printer software did not work then that may only leave one explanation. The printer’s wireless capacity has failed. You can still use USB then ask the iMac to share the printer wireless. This is done all the time with laserjet printers that don’t have wifi capability.
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