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What do you think of Password programs?

Do you know about the password app OnePass? Employee is wanting to put this on everything so we don’t have one person in charge of everything. Let me know. Thank you!!

Password keepers have pros and cons. It comes down to one's ability to remember the master password.


  • They offer self generated extremely strong random passwords
  • Allows syncing across multiple devices
  • Usually have decent accompanying apps that have good layouts which allow for better organization.

  • Usually by subscription.
  • If you forget the master password you are screwed.
  • If you are in a situation where you just want access to a certain site but don't have that password program installed, you would need to manually type the crazy long pw.

The way I approach this with clients comes down to my assessment of their skill level. If they are a little aggressive with tech or security then I give them the go ahead to use a password application. However, if they are a novice or have a low level of technical understanding, I steer them away.

Final thoughts:
If you have a trusted member of your staff who is eager to utilize a password app, you don't mind yet another subscription, and you are 100% confident you won't forget the master password then go ahead.
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