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New computer doesn't find printer

Scotty, I am using Gay’s computer to email you. She just got a new macBook Air and we are having trouble connecting the printer to the computer. The printer says it is connected but the computer says it is offline. Do you have a quick fix we can try?

This seems like a small question but it is actually quite large. Several things to consider:

Are both your computer your printer on the same network?
In system preferences, delete the printer and re add the printer.
When adding the printer does the printer show up twice? Once as an AirPrint printer and Once as a USB connected printer perhaps?
Is there a very particular driver the printer needs in order to work with 10.11? If it’s an old printer then that could be the case.
On the printer, find the “Reset Default” setting and execute. Then rejoin the printer to the network.

These only a few possible causes/solutions. Hope it helps.

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