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2.4 ghz mac worth upgrading?

My office iMac from 2007-2.4ghz intel core duo
2gb ram
CMC IT put version 10.11.3 on it, and now is so slow, is unusable. Am getting a new iMac, but is this present model at all worth keeping if more memory added?

In my experience, an extremely sluggish and "unusable" experience on an iMac usually means dead hard drive. 9 out of 10 times its a failed drive. Not an absence of additional ram. That said, considering the age of the machine, it's very close to borderline not really worth the cost of the replacement drive ($260) at this point. The max ram on that model is 4 gigs. That would of course help. is a great place to buy ram. 4 gigs on that older model shouldn't cost much at all.
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