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Removing duplicates in Address Book

What are the benefits that my business could possibly realize through this conversion and how similar is iCloud to Dropbox?

iCloud and Dropbox are two completely different things. One doesn’t replace the other. iCloud currently has no folder that syncs across computers. It is a service that, along with syncing your calendars and contacts just as MobileMe did, it syncs documents created within the iWork suite. It also syncs iPhoto’s folder called photo stream. You might think of the iPhoto stream folder as a dropbox folder inside iPhoto but it only syncs pictures and only inside iPhoto. Your business deals with gigs of data sorted in great detail within folders. iCloud does not work like that. There’s no folder structure (currently). It’s just an engine that syncs data within certain applications. Stick with Dropbox for now. It’s still the best way to move documents and data around multiple computers.
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