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Trying to consolidate old photos libraries.

It has been over a year since you came up with the plan to consolidate the photo drives on my two macs. I would like to do that now and perhaps get a new mac.

One issue is that I have lost track of some notes I made when you visited. I recall you saying, “make sure you remind me to do _____ or we risk erasing one of your drives.” I lost track of those notes.

Are we able to proceed without you coming inside to look at my macs?

Yes, I am now scheduling dropoff/pickups for offsite data transfers in addition to remote sessions.

While I don’t recall the details of our plan, the overall goal sounds like you are trying to consolidate libraries which means everything comes down to math in terms of hard drive space. You would need to add the size of the old photos libraries and make sure you purchased a computer with an adequate sized drive unless you planned on keeping your pictures on an external. In that case it wouldn’t matter so much. But my guess is that you want to keep everything on your internal. As our libraries grow, so does the storage capacity of drive technology.

While some people are fine just keeping their full res pics in the cloud and renting space from Apple (2TB=$9.99 per month) and be done with it, I have a feeling you would like to keep original copies locally. (Me to)

We can also work remotely via zoom if you’d like to re-evaluate your storage issues before purchase. Maybe even not a bad idea before I do a pickup as your data migration from old to new, including external drives I’m guessing, would require us to refresh our plan anyway. Let me know if I can help.
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