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Is it possible to project from Hulu onto an HDTV? I got a cable that allows me to hook up to an HDTV cable, but it won't show Hulu on my TV (although it does project PowerPoint). Any tips?


A couple of things to consider here. Part of this depends on what computer you are using. The computer will dictate what kind of cable to use. DVI, mini display port to DVI, VGA, HDMI etc… So the first question is how is the video leaving the computer? Or are you talking about the iPad? As of iOS 5, certain apps will be able to mirror all content to the TV wirelessly although whether or not hulu and netflix are allowed to use this feature remains to be seen. An appleTV is required for that function and since Netflix is already on the AppleTV it will be harder for hulu to have clearance to do that. What you may be referring to is Airplay. Currently Airplay is not enabled on Hulu on the iPad to my knowledge.

If you are talking about a computer specifically then you will want to use the great Hulu app for the mac. I love it. If you have Hulu Plus tell me what you think and I’ll post your response below in the future. I have a lot of clients ask about it.

This all comes down to licensing and the movie/tv industry is looking to milk every device it can for $$$. So they’re not just going to stand by and let us push our video anywhere we want without capitalizing on it. Thus the fee just for the right to watch Hulu on the iPad even though it’s free on the computer. And we still have commercials.


I'm trying to project from an iMac. We don't have Hulu Plus so I was hoping I could just project from my laptop, but it didn't work through an HDMI cable. 

So the iMac does not put out video via an HDMI cable. How are you getting video to the TV? If the iMac is pushing the desktop to the TV then Hulu should work as well.
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