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Do you replace hard drives?

Are you able to replace a hard drive on a Macbook? As well as attempt to recover all info on my current hard drive? I went to the Genius bar earlier today and it was confirmed I need a new hard drive. I'm hoping to get this fixed as soon as possible and I thought I'd reach out to see if you were able to service it or if you had a recommendation of someone else in the Lake Norman area who could. 

I would be happy to replace the drive for you.  Replacement is $260 plus $15 travel outside of I-485.  I attempt to get data off drives at no extra cost. Complete data retrieval I cannot promise however.  Just depends on the state of the drive.  I’m happy to attempt.  If you would like me to replace the drive for you, you can schedule a pickup/dropoff via the front page of my website.
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