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apple music not syncing on family plan

I was wondering if you could help me with my Apple Music subscription. I opened the app today, and all my music was gone. However, my mom has all the music on her phone. She updated the payment information, and when I opened the app again I saw only her music. I tried to add a song to the library, but it keeps asking me to subscribe even though my mom and I are sharing a plan. Is there something else that I need to do in order to have all my music back on my phone?

Two types of plans…individual and family. Each has different price points. First thing to do is determine which plan you're on. You can find that info by going to Settings then touch your name. On the next screen you'll see "subscriptions". Apple Music Family is $16.99 a month. You'll want to check your mom's as well. If you see the $16.99 charge then the most likely explanation is that you're accidentally signed into the wrong family member. On your phone, go to settings, touch your name then select "media and purchases. Then select "view account". After entering your password for your Apple ID you will see what account you're logged into. Hope this helps.
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