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Don't run a business with iCloud desktop syncing.

Why is it taking so long to pull an attachment into mail from my desktop? I have iCloud desktop syncing turned on.

Back to iCloud desktop and performance in regard to attachments. Personally, my take is that I would not run a business relying on iCloud desktop syncing. It’s the equivalent of relying on the dewy decimal system to pull a book off the library shelf everything you want to work on your research paper then returning it immediately back to the bookshelf. Better to just have a copy of the book you need on hand at all times.

So options to consider:

1. Turn off iCloud desktop and document syncing and give up the ability to have desktops across computers looking the same. Items would live only locally and performance would improve.

2. Leave iCloud desktop syncing on but rely more on local folders for important work requiring quick access to documents. (Sort of defeats the point I know.)

3. Turn to dropbox. As I mentioned, iCloud is not something I would use to run a business but dropbox is. It’s quick, reliable, stable.
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