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Is Ventura safe?

I have probably made a mistake by downloading Ventura OS to my MacBook Pro. I assumed it was a good thing and harmless. The download was not seamless. It actually stopped multiple times. After it was finally complete, I realized it had messed up my fonts in Mail and changed my Mail Signature. The settings show the correct font but when I compose an email, it is a different font and size in both the message and the signature.

As I was trying to find answers on the internet to fix this problem I found there were multiple suggestions of things that need to be done if Ventura is downloaded. Are you in agreement? If so, I will make an appointment with you.

Any .0 release is never a good idea to get involved with and Ventura is currently at 13.0. So yes, would always be better to wait for the .1 update usually around 2 weeks later. I’m running Ventura myself with no issues so far but it is a larger change than we’ve seen in the last few upgrades. There are definitely some things we can try in order to resolve the mail font issue. It’ not often that I see a “new” problem I’ve never seen before but if what you’re saying is true, that your mail font settings say one thing but the result is different, that would be new and I don’t have a solution right at the beginning. But I bet we can find one.

Any time a major upgrade fails to download a couple of times, there’s always a big risk that the installer was not complete. It would be like trying to build a lego model but pages 12 and 13 were missing out of the 40 page manual. You may get it working but some lines of code may be incomplete and therefore root issues like font recall are damaged.
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