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Scotty you are very confusing.

HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my lil man must make a musical instrument that vibrates for a parade on friday.  what can i do that would be cool and creative?
Ok.  Make him a berimbau.  It's a Brazilian instrument like a bow and arrow that has a gourd as a resonating chamber.  Of course you don't need an actual gourd.  Here's what they look like...


So how would you make one?  

Get a branch or stick and some wire.  Bend the stick slightly and tie the wire to both ends basically making a bow and arrow.  Next take a plastic bow and drill or poke two holes in it.  Now run a string through the holes of the bow and around one end of the bow and arrow part.  Tie the sting in a loop shape as to compress the string slightly.  Now hit the string with a small stick. and use a rock to push against the string as you strike. It will change the pitch slightly.  You've got a berimbau.

More pictures: berimbau - Google Search

Homemade Berimbau - YouTube
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First homemade berimbau - YouTube you get the idea.
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