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Where does my backup go?

Scotty – I have been meaning to ask you a question for awhile…
Do you recall the big black box (Seagate-Desk Adaptor) I was to hook up once a week to the computer as to have ALL files backed up? 
Since your last installation/removal of computer equipment there is no place I can see to hook it up.
Did you fix our system to backup everyone's files in another way?  I have the smaller blackbox (Seagate-FreeAgent GoFlex) that I hook 
up a couple times a week – does this now copy everyone's files?
Thanks for you help,

I assume you are referring to a time machine drive.  It’s an external drive that you can connect periodically and the software on your computer will copy all the newest files to it automatically.  There are two types of drives.  Portable ones that can power just by plugging it in to USB or a larger (book size) drive that requires power from an AC outlet.  It sounds like you are continuing to use your portable seagate go flex but may not be using the larger on.  Just a guess.  Your mac (an in your case your mac mini server) should have the ability to back up to multiple drives.  So you could probably plug the second drive up to the back of the mac mini USB ports and it would backup using the time machine software.  
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