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Good morning Scotty,

Monday evening you assisted me in password protecting my daughter's (Brooke) wi-fi. Am not sure what happened but we flowed the steps but neither of us can get on our I phones. I am @ a coffee shop now using theirs. She has been able to get on her computer but keeps getting bumped off. I can not get on at all. What can be done to correct this? She will be contacting you by e-mail later when she is done with physical therepy. Any thoughts????

you could try changing the security password format from WPA to WPA personal or you could change it to WEP.  That would be under wireless settings/wireless security settings like we talked about on Monday.  Although if you change to WEP, the password will need to be a specific number of characters unlike WPA that is fine as long as it's over 8.  WEP is also less secure that WPA.  It's possible the form of WPA it's currently set to doesn't work well.  i.e. WPA enterprise.  Overall, I am not a fan of linksys routers as they are 1. on my list of products I hate on my website.

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