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iPhone won't join Microcell

This can be a common occurrence. The number one priority is to change the password to the account. The computer does not have a virus. What is much more likely is that his yahoo account was compromised and a botnet (computer program) randomly guessed the password and is now using that account to send spam email. That happens quite often. This is a great reason to never email people with multiple addresses in the cc field. Always use bcc where your friend’s emails are less exposed. And above all, be very conservative on who you give your email to. He may want to remove the contacts from the yahoo database as well. Again, more likely that the account’s password was guessed rather than any type of “virus” on his mac.
HI Scotty,
Is it possible that my son's Mac laptop has a virus or would it just be in his Yahoo e-mail account? His yahoo e-mail is sending regular random messages to me and my husband (and possibly everyone in his e-mail contacts). Should we close this account?
Thank you for your response,
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