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Can you recommend a good photo scanning service?

Scotty, Do you have any recommendations for any particular company that transfers photos and slides to digital format?
I have seen imemories as one. It looks like I would need to ship them off as I did not see any local companies that were recommended when I previously did a google search. Thank you

I haven’t used any photo transfer services in a while. But I will recommend that you do a test run prior to just handing over your family photos. You’ll need to build at least a little trust with the company.

You’ll also want to know what medium they’ll be returning the pictures as. Hard drive? (Preferred) Disc? (Nope) Thumb drive? Would you need to supply the hard drive? How much are they going to charge for a hard drive? You could buy one pretty cheap and supply it possibly. Companies never miss an opportunity to mark up the price on goods you know.

I would personally prefer local first. I’d look at Biggs Camera to start. They have very good reviews although I’ve not dealt with them personally.
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