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Error occuring during Big Sur install

Scotty, just tried updating the software on my laptop. Updating to Big Sur. Updating with it plugged into the power outlet.

I have gotten the “an error has occurred, try again” message. Tried a couple of times.


I could use a little more info. Do you already have Big Sur MacOS 11 installed and just trying to do an update or are you moving from a previous OS like Catalina or earlier?

If so, what is the previous OS installed currently?

Are you going through t App Store to get to the Big Sur download? If not, try that next instead of using the Software update tool in System preferences. If you are able to download Big Sur through the App Store it will appear in your Applications folder as "MacOS Big Sur installer" or similar. You can restart your computer and launch it from there possibly.

Lastly, it's not crucial to get to Big Sur as MacOS Monterey will be out by the end of October so you could always wait for that as well.
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