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How to burn a CD in iTunes.

Scotty, Question on the new Mac Notebook Air - is it powerful enough to handle what I do with my pictures and video? Also, does it run windows flawlessly?

Well you used the word “flawlessly” which means you want the absolute best performance and that is not the macbook air. While it has speed advantages over the MacBook pro such as a solid state hard drive, that hard drive is generally smaller than your entire iPhoto library. Now which the advent of “thunderbolt” (a new connection method which is much faster than firmwire 800) it’s easy to carry external storage however there are really no thunderbolt external drives around yet.
So to answer your questions, the air is powerful enough and would do a good job overall but storage capacity is a large question. Remember, no optical drive on the Air either. Until thunderbolt becomes prevalent or solid state storage comes down in price for large drives, It really should be considered a cloud computer at this point.
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