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Buying new batteries for old computers

Can you recommend a good hard drive for me to purchase?

First, you have to have the mindset that every hard drive dies. That’s why backup is so important. I see a lot of drives die every week. It does not matter how old or young they are. They all die. If you believe this then you’ll never lose your data.
You can buy an external drive at any Best Buy for around $100.  Here are a few I recommend:
small (more expensive as you are paying for convenience)
Portable hard drive | USB hard Drive | FreeAgent | GoFlex Ultra Portable Drive | Seagate

larger and more space but not portableDesktop hard drive | External Desktop hard drives | FreeAgent | GoFlex Desk | Seagate

These are both available at Best Buy.

Avoid the Western Digital drives. They usually come preloaded with a separate CD image that is a pain to take off. Their plastic enclosures have a higher failure rate in my opinion.
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